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This is a bit about me, Louisa Koussertari.

When I came across sport in my early tween/teen years (as you do at school), the one that I truly connected to was running. I discovered that I was a strong sprinter and really enjoyed the empowerment and focus it gave me. My love for running has evolved over the last twenty years and it has stuck with me – I don’t think I have gone a week in this period of time where I have not run and I tend to run four to six times a week on average. It has been a therapy to me over the years, much more than just the act of running, the experience evolved to act as a window to disconnect from the pace of life.

In my teen years I struggled with confidence, acceptance, how I looked and how I fitted in as a Greek girl in a very small, not so culturally diverse seaside town; I really believed the only way forward was to change myself to be accepted and this did take a toll on my mental health. Fast forwarding 20 years to now, this experience steered me to want to work with teens and I studied teen yoga & mindfulness as a way to assist guiding teens with healthy positive tools to navigate their way through.

As I entered my twenties, swept along into a career that I thought I should follow vs. one I was passionate about, I soon discovered that I felt quite lost, not sure who I was, why I was doing what I was doing and really questioning – again and again; ‘is this it’?

I felt driven to work with people in some way but didn’t know how, or even believe that I could and at that same time really needed to care for myself. Around this time (2009) I stumbled into a yoga class at my local gym and I felt something joyful by moving in this new way, breathing consciously, and being in silence. Yoga nourished me and brought me back to life; it had similar qualities to running and provided space, freedom, release, grounding, whilst strengthening and opening my body in new ways. This was just the start of my journey.

I continued to explore different styles of  yoga and was especially drawn to the discipline and power of ashtanga but equally loved the freedom and fun of vinyasa. Over the years my practice continued along side running and I found this to be complimentary for both. Gaining deeper bodily awareness and connection, changing the relationship I have with it, as well as my breath, how to use both, control, strength, stamina and peace were some of the many benefits that yoga and running has given me on one level. To explain how yoga (as a tool)  has and will continue to expand my being, mind, relationship with myself and to the wider, world would require many more words.

So, eventually I reached a point where I still felt drawn to change something in my life, I wanted to work with people and felt strongly about wanting to share yoga and what it has to offer with others in some way. In 2016 I summoned up the courage and completed my yoga teacher training. This was very much a starting point which triggered a chain of events. I started teaching quite soon after, a few local classes to begin with and to some kind (brave) friends, learning from every experience I was thrown in to.

Since then I have continued to study – some of these subjects you’ll see below, some are through hours of reading, and thousands of hours watching human behaviour, listening, observing movement and breath; and so I will always remain a forever student of yoga as well as a teacher.

Its no secret that there are many preconceptions around yoga, is it a sport, religion, philosophy, something that is for ‘bendy’ people, something shallow, something real? My personal experience is that it’s taught me more about myself than any other experience in my life so far. It gives me the space to realign with myself, to root, connect to the divine within me, to see my truths and to find compassion and to transmit much of this outward into the world through serving others from a place of truth and truly from the heart. I believe from my own experience and the many that I have shared and witnessed, that the tools of yoga can be of great mental, physical, emotional benefit – even transformational. So the experience is unique to each of us and so is the journey it can take you on.

I am passionate about sharing the tools of yoga and it can be truly accessible to all. I once taught a lady with severe dementia, she needed full time care and assistance and could not even remember her name but after a few months of yoga and repeating movements and breathing, the yoga stuck with her and her carer would frequently tell me she doesn’t remember much but she remembers this…

So on that note, I shall leave my story there, if you want to chat about anything yoga or non yoga related I am here and welcome the connection.

Lou x


Studies & Qualifications

Postnatal Pregnancy – 75hrs – Distinction – 2021

The Science of Teaching Yoga for Athletes – 40hrs – 2020

Prenatal Yoga Diploma – 85hrs – Distinction – 2019

Yin Yoga Intensive TT1 – 40hrs – 2018

Teen Yoga & Mindfulness RYSC YA – 60hrs – 2017

Yoga Teacher Training – 200hrs (RYT-200) – 2016

Emergency First Aid (for Yoga) October 2018-2021

Om Meditation – 2016

Yoga for runners & cyclists, cross training for athletes – 2016

The Seven Chakras: T.Krishnamacharya -17hrs 201

Yoga for Scoliosis workshop 2017 (attended+certified)

Chair Yoga 2016 (certified)


Mary’s Giving Charity/Community Class Yoga – 2017

Asian Wellness & Vegan Festival Gentle flow & Yoga for Runners & Cyclists 2017

Yoga for Runners/young Athletes 13-17yrs London Marathon 2017

Lululemon Community class teacher

Digestive health workshop 2017 Triyoga (assisted)

Kagyu Samye Dzong Tibetan Buddhist Centre – offering physical adjustments


Additional work


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Marys Giving Charity – Community Yoga class – 2017


Asian Wellness & Vegan Festival Gentle flow & Yoga for Runners & Cyclists 2017


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Lululemon Community Yoga class

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