Why & the benefits

Employee happiness & energy = more productive and efficient

Reduce employee stress = can result in a decline in sickness & absence

Improve concentration, decision-making & ability to multi task

Drive mindfulness & team-building

Support RSI (  repetitive strain of eyes, wrists, arms ) & reduction in work based injuries

Tailor made packages to work for the team & workplace – in any space.

Chair Yoga & or floor mat work

The Guardian : Yoga in the office?




‘As a complete beginner I was unsure of what to expect from yoga, but Louisa made her Vinyasa Flow class both easy to follow and suitably challenging. Her friendly and relaxed approach puts the class at ease when learning new positions, and her meditation is great for relaxing my mind before a busy day at work. As a result I am now officially a hooked yogi! ‘ Erin Harding John Lewis Partner

I can’t recommend Louisa’s classes enough. There’s a lovely sense of calm and you know that you’ll have the time and space to push a bit further in your practice under her expert guidance. Louisa’s focus on alignment and holding positions and poses has helped me to make progress and build strength. Her energy and love of yoga always shines through and it’s one of the reasons why I look forward to her classes so much. – Emily Byrne John Lewis Partner

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