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Kind Words

Louisa worked with us at St Mary’s University as we moved our weekly yoga classes online during the COVID pandemic. She was very helpful in quickly adapting our sessions to an online platform whilst activity could not take place in-person, and always had a positive, can-do mentality to  help deliver our free sessions for staff and students.

Louisa is an experienced, knowledgeable practitioner who was able to help support our students and staff during a particularly difficult period. The feedback we received from those participating was very positive, and her enthusiasm for helping others was always greatly appreciated.

Gareth Crewe, Sport Development Manager, St Mary’s University, 2021

I really struggled through that first anxious trimester, so being able to practice yoga again in my second trimester I was chomping at the bit to get started. I’m normally a really physical person and I had been practicing yoga for years. I tried doing online videos, but I didn’t feel safe, my brain wanted to throw my body around in all its old shapes but suddenly it wasn’t the same body anymore, it was bigger, and bendier and far more easy to over stretch and injure.

Louisa stepped in, with her understanding of what my frustrations were about not having the same physicality anymore but still wanting to be just as physical, she gently guided me, allowing me to practice safely, re-educating me about what was safe to do with my new body, letting me push postures when I needed to feel like I had really ‘exercised’ but also reigning me in gently in postures where once I would have been able to practice deeply were now in need of modification to accommodate the new bump and bendier body.

Knowing I had access to Louisa during my pregnancy kept me so much calmer, knowing I could still use my body, it was still strong and capable meant that I felt a lot more confident about the labour. In the end the pregnancy was a very smooth one and I found myself practicing yoga the day before my due date and had a very smooth labour 2 days later. Thank you, Louisa, for being part of that journey!

Emma Tunbridge, 2019.

Louisa led a 30 minute meditation and mindfulness session for me and members of my team recently, which enabled us to take some time out at the end of the working day to focus on our breathing and find some self-compassion. Everyone has been working so hard throughout the pandemic and it’s not an easy time for anyone, so I thought this would be a nice way to recognise this and allow Louisa to share some useful techniques. Everyone was very positive about the experience –  investing in supporting employee emotional wellbeing is key to success. Thanks Louisa! 

Holly Hastings-Payne, 

Head of Philanthropy and High Value Events – Action for Children, 2020.

Absolutely amazing. Thanks for all your help. You have the core to my recovery – cannot thank you enough. 

Joshua, 2020

‘Louisa is an inspirational, motivating and gifted yoga teacher; she teaches with patience, compassion, and kindness and effortlessly tailors her teaching to the individual. From yoga for the athlete to yoga for kids/teenagers, chair yoga for the elderly  – her teaching is open to all ages. She emanates warmth and her teaching comes from the heart.  I feel blessed to have met her and she has been a true light on my yoga journey to become a yoga teacher and she will continue to be a light for me in years to come. Namaste’

Karina, 2019

‘I love attending Louisa’s Mindful Flow classes. She combines breathing practice with some powerful Asana practice. In my opinion, she is just a natural and stands for everything that is important for me in a yoga class’. 

Gerti, 2019

‘I want to thank you for allowing me time to practice with you each week. You are an outstanding teacher. You allow me to use my breath to release and relax my thoughts and feelings by guiding me through different poses and simple meditation. I just wish my practice was more than just 1 hour a week! I am looking forward to practicing with you more in the future.

Bernie, 2019

“Although I have practiced yoga for several years, I have gained a greater level of relaxation and sense of stability in myself from attending Louisa’s classes. During recent months, I was under tremendous stress in my personal life and so her teaching style was exactly what I needed. I enjoy the flowing style of yoga she teaches, as her classes make me feel energised. Louisa is an empathetic and supportive teacher, who also has a great sense of humour. My husband, who I never expected to see doing yoga, even started classes with her, based on my recommendation. Since he is a half marathon runner, he found it helped stretch out his aching muscles and is a happier man! We both highly recommend Louisa to anyone interested in gaining the physical and mental benefits of yoga practice”.

Jenny, 2018

John Lewis employees after 2 years of Yoga at work

‘As a complete beginner I was unsure of what to expect from yoga, but Louisa made her Vinyasa Flow class both easy to follow and suitably challenging. Her friendly and relaxed approach puts the class at ease when learning new positions, and her meditation is great for relaxing my mind before a busy day at work. As a result, I am now officially a hooked yogi!

Erin Harding John Lewis Partner

I can’t recommend Louisa’s classes enough. There’s a lovely sense of calm and you know that you’ll have the time and space to push a bit further in your practice under her expert guidance. Louisa’s focus on alignment and holding positions and poses have helped me to make progress and build strength. Her energy and love of yoga always shines through and it’s one of the reasons why I look forward to her classes so much.

Emily Byrne, John Lewis Partner, 2018

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