Private yoga online and face to face is a very unique practice and process to the individual. Your needs & goals will determine the focus, energy and intent.

You may be working with an injury and looking to use yoga as a way to help to compliment physiotherapy, you may be looking to compliment another sport, you may be seeking something to help with stress, anxiety, depression, or to start to move the body and find some freedom and range of movement for tension or tightness.

How does private yoga work?

All private yoga varies to meet the individual where they are at but we usually start at the beginning with the breath, spending time getting used to connecting to it and utilising it.

We then explore appropriate and perhaps modified asanas (postures) with movement where useful layered in. Blends of styles and traditions may be drawn upon with the possible application of pranayama/breathing practices, use of mantra & affirmations.

This is usually a process over a course of time where we will work together, towards your focus and pace and structure will vary.



Some of the benefits that yoga can offer:

  • Reducing stress, anxiety, depression
  • Increasing strength
  • Improving balance and flexibility
  • Could improve heart health
  • Could improve chronic pain
  • Can support and compliment rehabilitation
  • Supports and aids injuries (addressed on an individual basis)



Louisa is an inspirational, motivating and gifted yoga teacher ; she teaches with patience, compassion and kindness and effortlessly tailors her teaching to the individual. From yoga for the athlete to yoga for kids/ teenagers , chair yoga for the elderly  – her teaching is open to all ages . She emanates warmth and her teaching comes from the heart.  I feel blessed to have met her and she has been a true light on my yoga journey to become a yoga teacher and she will continue to be a light for me in years to come – Karina Private Student 

I love attending Louisa’s Mindful Flow classes. She  combines breathing  practice with some powerful Asana practice. In my opinion she is just a natural and stands for everything what is important for me in a yoga class – Gerti Private Student

I want to thank you for allowing me time to practice with you each week. You are an outstanding teacher. You allow me to use my breath to release and relax my thoughts and feelings by guiding me through different poses and simple meditation. I just wish my practice was more than just 1 hour a week! – Bernie Yoga Student


Some private yoga case examples:

A student recovering from spinal surgery, needing to improve range of movement in spine, hips, legs and reduce pain overall.

Pre natal women from 2nd trimester to labour. Supporting them as they journey through pregnancy during lockdown, working with SPD, diastasis recti, anxiety, sciatica as well as general worries and fears leading up to the birth.

A yoga practitioner in yoga teacher training seeking to advance their practice, knowledge of the fundamentals, improve confidence and ability to sequence and to teach.