T. Krishnamacharya: Cakra Training 2017 Copyright: Evelyn for KHYF
My personal and continued journey of being a yoga student & teacher allows me to learn, develop, and share wider, routes to access this whole practice with others.
Through tried, tested and studied methods I aim to offer accessible tools for each individual, understanding and supporting that each human is unique and that no matter what age, ability or experience there really is something for everyone in the all encompassing elements of Yoga.
My own background originates in years of continual running, kettle-bell & weight training for bone density (having been diagnosed with Osteopinia in my late teens), yoga and desk related injuries (due to having worked for over a decade within a very normal but highly stressful office environment).
I fell into the practice of Yoga in my early twenties, when seeking out something more, something more that I knew I needed in my being but not quite sure what at that time. I immediately fell in love with the practice and found some sanctuary in its restorative, nourishing and grounding properties.
It has taken me on a journey of self study ever since and given me the tools and experiences which I offer to those I meet along this path.

Om shanti shanti shanti